slack tide

by Mormon Toasterhead

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jordan pierce
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jordan pierce pulls at the heart Favorite track: corner store.
Emmarae Stein
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Emmarae Stein infectiously beautiful album ~ Favorite track: clementine.
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released December 26, 2015

lonnie produced 'corner store' and let me use his piano for the whole album and shoutout to his pup georgia for adding some vox to 'clementine'
emmy brady lent her beautiful voice to 'quit makin a stink'
daisy maass played violin on 'clementine'
sky bernard played violin on 'hey sue'

the song in you're the best is from the astral observatory in majora's mask



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Mormon Toasterhead Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: youre the best
aidan telling people to spread love then makin fun of charlie for picking his nose then saying its ight cuz we all pick our nose sometimes
thats real
Track Name: think
do you think the moon ever gets afraid of the dark?
do you think the sun ever forgets to rise in the morning?
do you think the stars ever get tired of being wished upon?
Track Name: time
ive gotta get this heavy heart off my chest
but the comfort of the weight is
just too immense

you thought it would make time turn around
if you painted the walls in your head
the color of the way
you move in past tense

we werent circumspect and didnt circumvent
a life lived in retrospect
where does the time go
after its been lived in
certainly not behind my back
because theres still so much ahead
Track Name: corner store
thought the tables had turned
but they just flipped the script
an old bridge was burned
a heartbeat was skipped
and i ripped up
a receipt from the
corner store thats in vertex form
it has sharp edges
that are dangerous for
i tried to hold the phone
but my hands were tied
you're the apple of
my third eye
but i looked into the sun for a little too long

*well the stars were growing tired of being wished upon by us and running fast through a field we tripped and fell in a bush we tore the sleeves our hearts were on man i know it feels so wrong but we threw the towel in cuz we were already hung out to dry and that is why you are still the apple of my third eye but i looked into the sun for a little too long now its all gone you think the moon ever gets afraid of the dark you think a fire can start without a spark now im stuck at the corner store where i was born where everyone knows my name where i only have myself to blame*
Track Name: hey sue
hey sue
shade me the same hue
as you
everyday is new
something to misconstrue

hey sue
youre a helium balloon
in bloom
floating to the sun
you only live life once

hey sue
i live under the same moon
as you
but it shines so much brighter for you
and the tide is so much stronger
for you
Track Name: quit makin a stink
the world is so confused
and i know that i am too
but im so grateful just to be
lookin outta this vessel i call me
i wish i were the bird i wish i were the branch
i wish i were the future you hold in your hands
i wish the whole world just could see
how beautiful it is to watch eachother breathe
and i think im in love with you
i think im in love with being in love
your body is a crib
and your thoughts form a mobile that hangs above your head
so just be mindful of what you think
and hey quit makin a stink
i think im in love with you
i think im in love with being in love
Track Name: clementine
saw you sitting under the orange tree
the roots were connected to your feet
your head was made of golden leaves
that rustled in the breeze

everyone breathes
for the scraped skies
not the scraped knees
but its so incredible
just to be alive

now i see you sitting on a cloud
the stars are the teeth in your mouth
your skins a deep blue like the skies
the rings of saturn in your eyes

the world is so sweet
i want to tear it apart
piece by piece
because underneath
this bitter rind
Track Name: viaduct
sittin on the hill at jacobs
thinkin bout the spills ive cleaned up
life is nothing but a viaduct
ill burn that bridge after i cross it

gods a film maker and were all cameras
god i hope thats true

sensation, sentiment, and the roar of the train
all flew over our heads

we dont know why
but it feels so good

avoid the lines
in the sidewalk

teeth on the grind
turning to dust

pay will no mind
your will is free here