sad split

by Mormon Toasterhead

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nathan fervoy played one of the piano parts on smooch

get the split with euphoria again and frozen boy here:


released September 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Mormon Toasterhead Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: if i saw you
if i saw you
on the other side of the street
i wouldnt stop to say hello
i spread my arms for you
i feel like i am falling in love
but i dont know what that is

i dreamt of you last night
and all the different ways you could die

softly sinking to the bottom of my lungs
and i just dont care anymore
will i resurface
before i drown in my own thoughts
who even knows

i stepped out of myself
when i was lying on your couch
when i was lying on your couch
Track Name: dead
i want to hear you sing
every night of my life
you make me sappiest
i hope i never die
but when the day comes
sing me a lullaby
and as i take my last breath
what will cross my mind

will it be peach rings
or pretty sparkling things
moments ill never live again
memories that i will soon forget
maybe april 8th
or every pretty face
will it be magazines of silly girly things
or that time you said
"you're important"
or when i shut my eyes
and didn't want to open them again
that movie scene
that always made me cry
or maybe my favorite song
or when i got pink eye
i might think of my cats
how ill miss their purr
maybe ill think of my friends
how i wish i learned
every birthday cake
and every christmas sweater
would be swept from under my feet
and be gone forever
and everr
and ever
and ever
and everrrrr
and everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Track Name: i dont know
i dont know
i dont know

showering again
i baptize myself
every morning
soap gets in my eyes

and did she bleed
while you were
falling asleep
just thinking of
that she loves
that you don't know..
Track Name: dreaming your teeth fall out
her teeth fell out last night

boys wont want to kiss her anymore

she wont smile for photographs anymore

everything will change

her teeth fell out last night in hell

her teeth fell out last night in heaven