perfect understanding

by Mormon Toasterhead

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a collection of songs
album art by anj cunningham and myself


released September 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Mormon Toasterhead Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: its only fair
it aint fair to say farewell to the welfare of a fairweather friend who threw all their train fare in a wishing well, so you should wish them well. its only fair
Track Name: broken lightbulb
minced words
like the meat
but he didnt really care
things move awful fast
around here
and i just wanna go back
but i cant do that
so im on the phone
looking for somewhere to go

fish outta water
ya he really needs some air
but the air aint clean
around here
and the light shines through
illuminates the dust floating around you
baby what ya gonna do

plaster the wall faster
before the bricks have a clue
man nothing seems right
around here
this is my worst fear
a broken lightbulb clearly
wont light a room
this will come to an end soon

she beckoned me to heaven
but i forgot the route
man it really is hell
around here
and i just wanna go home
a broken lightbulb wont
light up a room
Track Name: fishy
head up in the clouds
mind down in the gutter
all these flashing lights
its a neon stutter

the moon is always the moon
perfect understanding of you

but like a fish out of water
i cant stay still
Track Name: lend me a hand
something in the way you
reminds me of something
about the lakes

something in the way you
reminds me of something
about the rain

something in the way you
reminds me of something
within myself

but i cant put my finger on it
will you lend me a hand?
Track Name: basement
pickin at my bones
cuz ive got a bone
to pick with you
right now

at the tip of my tongue
at the back of my throat
i held my promise
without bond

and i know its so hard to admit youre wrong
but ill admit i was wrong this time

a basement floor
cold against my skin
a monument
of something

heavy air
fills me up
i cant move from
this spot
Track Name: afterimage
an afterimage is sacred
dont take this away
her demeanor illuminates
expression is fate
she waves as the wind breaks
wasted energy to hate
collapse like a push puppet
such a vunerable sight
a body to call your own
what a strange right
so much more than skin and bone
a monument of time
now shes sitting all alone
what do you think of at night?
Track Name: swallow
clumsy words ahead
something i shouldve said
slipping into regret
havent even made my bed

theres a color that reflects
off of me when you smile like that
and i watched your heart fall out of your chest
onto the floor
and make a bloody mess

dreamy limbs that slept
next to my fleeting head
thought it moved past this
guess im just a well trimmed wreck

you should swallow your pride like you swallow those pills
then the people you love wont run to the hills
i just want to see the pretty things you see
but my looming past is engulfing me
Track Name: malleable
bend him out of shape
he is something

he moves like a deer
silent steps down the hall

his veins look like
banyon tree branches

he wont be here long
so you should cherish him