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Track Name: commercials pt. 1
who am i?
who are you?
bother me
on tv
Track Name: broken lightbulb
i wish i was you so i could wish i was me
but i cant go blind until i can see.
I wish i could memorize every moment of this day
but the freckles blur and then rust away
its a broken lightbulb
i wish i was there
i miss that place even though im there right now
it was so different, i cant explain how
i wish i was there
if my dreams were nothing i would have it all
i dont stand so i wont fall
its a broken lightbulb

"...you were talking and laughing about that one time that you were smiling and nodding and talking and laughing about this other time when we were both just talking and talking, but we werent listening. and she saw us talking and laughing and smiling and nodding, but no listening. and she walked over and listened to you talking and smiling and laughing and she looked at me smiling and talking, and she saw the fireflies in your eyes. i love talking and talking to you, even if you arent listening. and you were still talking and laughing, until that one moment when she put her hands on your face and kissed you, so you stopped talking and laughing..."
Track Name: Styrofoam Xylophones, Pt. 1
i stay up all night so i dont have to wake up but no matter what i do tomorrow always comes.
went to school, found out a have no friends, life goes on after living life ends
styrofoam xylophones, and weird cells inside your bones, let you know when it's time to go...i think that it's time to go